UPDATED: BP Executive Told Congress That Offshore Drilling Has Been "Safe And Protective Of Environment"

This BP representative probably was correct was way off base in his Congressional testimony, made back in November of 2009, that offshore oil drilling in the Gulf has a long history of being "safe." What he did not mention is that his company, "BP...has a history of safety violations" and serious safety incidents in the USA and that the technology of drilling more than five miles down below the sea to extract oil is a new one for which earlier safety performance statistics may not be applicable.

I have a hard time understanding Congressional Testimony Theater. What is it that holds our elected officials in such unquestioning awe of whatever it is the Suits say?Oily humor.

Q: What did the plaintiff's lawyer say when he heard about the scope of the BP spill?

A: "Bill baby bill."

Wall Street Journal reports that

As BP PLC defended its handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, documents show it argued against new, stricter safety rules proposed last year by the U.S. agency that oversees offshore drilling.

I stand corrected. The offshore drilling safety record is not good. New York Times reported several days ago that

The federal Minerals Management Service has recorded more than 500 fires on platforms in the gulf since 2006. At least two people have died in gulf platform fires over the last four years, and about 12 more were seriously injured before the accident on the Deepwater Horizon. No accident so far has measurably slowed the rate of discovery and production.

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