Update: Toxic Drywall Could Be All Over The Place

removing florida drywall

Herald Tribune/ Thomas Bender

When we wrote about Toxic Drywall Rotting Houses, Sickening Occupants in Florida a few weeks ago I thought it would become a big story: Houses being built with drywall that makes metal corrode and people sick, like a scene out of the Andromeda Strain. But the builders all denied there was a problem and did not plan on doing anything about it.

Now it appears that the biggest builder, Lennar, is quietly removing the drywall from 23 houses. According to Aaron Kessler in Sarasota's Herald Tribune, they admit that it emits gases that have blackened metal components such as coils and wiring. Other companies are not being so forthcoming.

silver tarnished by chinese drywall photo

Don't leave your silver out. Photo credit Aaron Kessler

In many cases, the builders don't have the resources to fix the problem. One small builder said "We have no resources whatsoever right now, but we're going to coordinate with the people that are responsible for it being used and see what they're going to do about it."

americas watchdog

Evidently 550 million pounds of Chinese drywall, enough to board 60,000 homes, has been been imported since 2006. The case has been taken up by what appears to be a Washington ambulance chaser, Americas Watchdog....

which is partnering with high-powered attorneys across the country, says that its own investigation has found defective Chinese drywall in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Texas.

"We think this could literally turn out to be the worst case of sick houses in U.S. history," said Thomas Martin, the organization's president.

Notwithstanding Mr. Martin's glee, nobody is doing much about it yet. "So far the EPA has taken a passive role, allowing state health officials to take the lead."

Nobody seems to care that we continue to build houses that are sealed all year with the air conditioning running, while formaldehyde, radon and now who knows what from drywall build up inside. That is the real scandal- that there is no requirement for fresh air.

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