Update: Bavaria Bear Shot


The bear on the lam in Bavaria, "Bruno," technically known as JJ1, was shot and killed by three Bavarian hunters last week, after a green light from the region's environmental ministry. Shortly before his death, bikers snapped the photo above. Now, in perhaps a misguided plan to "honor" Bruno, Bavaria plans to stuff and exhibit him in Munich's Museum of People and Nature. Bruno, who escaped from a reserve in the Italian and Austrian Alps, was part of an EU initiative to bring back the endangered European brown bear. The shooting—and the news that the bear will be stuffed—has outraged Italy, according to The New Zealand Herald. "It was doubly irresponsible to authorize the killing of a protected species when the European Union tells many developing countries not to kill elephants and other protected animals," said Italian minister Pecoraro Scanio, leader of the Green Party, after news of the killing. Tonight, the two countries will battle it out during the semi-finals of the soccer World Cup. And reportedly, Bruno's death will make this encounter even more charged: An opportunity for Italy to "avenge" Bruno's death, according to one Italian Web site. ::The New Zealand Herald

Photograph: Anton Hoetzel/EPA