Unsold Homes Tie People Down; Michael Chertoff's Insult


Unsold Homes Tie Down Would-Be Transplants: Dr. Michele Morgan migrated last fall from Detroit to Phoenix, taking a job as a psychiatrist. She expected her husband, Sam Kirkland, to soon join her, since he was accepting an early retirement package from his employer, General Motors. But he cannot move, he says, because he has not been able to sell the four-bedroom family home. ::New York Times Fodder for our discussion on Is Home Ownership a Good Thing? and The Next Slum.

Michael Chertoff’s Insult:To the long list of things the Bush administration is willing to trash in its rush to appease immigration hard-liners, you can now add dozens of important environmental laws and hundreds of thousands of acres of fragile habitat on the southern border. ::New York Times A strong editorial. Background at ::Michael Chertoff, Environmental Action Figure and ::Ecological Dangers of Border Wall

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