University Of Georgia Homecoming Game Uses Toilet Flushing Attendants To Save Water


Flushing attendants at a university football game. There's a green pragmatism and community focus about this idea that we like. Multiple uses per flush would save plenty of water.

Another plus: it humanizes an otherwise rather dismal experience. And, the work can't be outsourced. If this idea catches on, the Minneapolis airport could deputize the flushers and have them also keep a watch for unacceptable foot-tapping. Go Bulldogs!

The current drought has had such an impact on Georgia that fans at Saturday's University of Georgia homecoming game were asked not to flush the toilet. Instead, an attendant was going to be doing it for them. It's part of the university's "Every Drop Counts'' water conservation effort.

Earlier this week, crews put up signs in bathrooms asking people not to flush ``if it's yellow'' and to leave the handle-pulling to attendants, who were being assigned the job for the estimated 93,000 people expected at the game.

Arthur Johnson, associate athletic director for internal operations, said UGA is considering replacing all of the stadium's old toilets, which use three-and-a-half gallons of water per flush, with new ones that use less than half that amount.

Via::Access NorthGA Online and AP "Don't flush that toilet!" Image credit:: GMU personal blog, Sanford Stadium

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