Universal Studios Hollywood Gets a Little Bit Greener

Studios Hollywood Solar Powered Electric Cart Shrek Mummy Photo

(photo credit: Universal Studios Hollywood) Debut of Universal Studios Hollywood's Solar Golf Cart

Golf carts have long been associated with either business men with really bad taste in clothing (khaki pants and a gator/polo shirts), or important, silicone injected celebrity figures in Hollywood, such as Cher, Joan Rivers, Barnie the purple dinosaur, and Shrek the ogre.

Well, Joan and Cher were no where to be found as Universal Studios Hollywood celebrated their new addition to their green initiative in the park, but Shrek and The Mummy were...Universal Studios Hollywood unveiled their brand new solar powered electric cart this Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. Now before we get too gushy on the praise, we will say that we did only see one cart on hand, so we just hope it will be followed by an entire fleet of them!

The new cart was designed by the Cruise Car Company and will provide the Universal Studios employees with a speedy, convenient, and zero emissions alternative to traveling throughout the park. This will be a great improvement over the gas powered carts used by traditional parks.

This is certainly not the first effort shown by Universal Studios to tread with a lighter carbon footprint. They recently received the Environmental Media Association's Green Seal Award recognizing their achievements as one of the first environmentally aware amusement parks in the US.

Such achievement peaked this summer with their newest attraction, The Simpsons Ride, which uses a variety of high tech lighting, electric motors, software, and hydraulics systems to reduce its overall electricity consumption. Combined, these new technologies help to provide a maximum energy efficiency beyond anything that has ever been utilized in an amusement park to date.

On hand to mark the occasion was Universal Studios Hollywood President and COO, Larry Kurzweil, and Environmental Media Association President, Debbie Levin.

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