UNICEF Highlights Concerns Over Children and Climate Change in Bali

According to a report issued just this Wednesday in Bali by UNICEF entitled "Climate Change and Children", deaths from asthma among children could increase nearly 20 per cent by 2016 unless something is done quickly to reduce emissions from vehicles and factories.

The report utilized data provided by the WHO which indicates that the three biggest killers of children under five, which includes respiratory infections, diarrhea diseases and malaria are all closely linked to environmental issues.

Apparently, the WHO also estimates that nearly one quarter of all deaths are attributable to environmental factors, causing more than one-third of deaths among children under the age of 14.
Not surprisingly, UNICEF's Executive Director Ann Veneman points out that "When young people are asked to list their concerns about the world they live in, one issue that features high on their agenda is climate change."

And some people wonder why we have to do anything about it at all

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via:: AHN

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