Unexpectedly, The Sierra Club Praises SUV

Unexpectedly, the Sierra Club has agreed to promote Ford's new gas-electric hybrid SUV, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, to its 300,000 members and will work with the company to educate consumers about gas-electric hybrids. The $30,000 Mariner went on sale this month and is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency at 33 miles per gallon in the city and 29 on the highway — about one-third more fuel efficient than the gasoline-powered Mariner. This is the first time the Sierra Club agreed to promote a hybrid vehicle, although the organization had previously issued a statement praising the Escape Hybrid.

In the past, the Sierra Club has been highly critical of Ford. In November 2003, the Sierra Club staged rallies outside Ford dealerships and issued a statement claiming "Ford's vehicles release more global-warming pollution worldwide than the entire country of Mexico."

Via: Wired News