Unexpected Haven for Bees


Bees - as small as they may be - play a very big role in nature. Along with the wind, they are the main transporters of pollen, helping plants and trees to bear fruit and reproduce. Unfortunately, there was a 57% decline in bee colonies in the US between 1985 and 1997, "[it is] especially the case in areas that are heavily developed or dominated by agriculture". But there is some hope coming from an unexpected place: "The millions of acres of land-strips beneath power lines represent an untapped conservation resource for bees and other threatened creatures, new research suggests. [...] In the US, the land covered by power lines makes up more than 5 million acres. That is more land than almost every national park in the US individually, including Yellowstone, says Russell. [...] changes in management practice of this land appear to be offering a much needed home for bees [...] If all power companies can be persuaded to adopt the same management strategies it might just be the life line bees need. So far companies have been happy to help. "They have a huge PR problem because everybody hates power lines," says [Kimberly] Russell."

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