Understanding Cap & Trade: The Infographic

Created By WellHome.com Energy Audits

Cap and trade really isn't the most complicated concept on the planet. But let's be honest -- it's not the simplest, either. There are plenty of folks who don't understand exactly how it works; at one point, that was true of the vast majority of Americans (and probably still is). And this is exactly why cap and trade's political opponents were able to convince many that it was really an 'energy tax' though it was really nothing of the sort. So, to simplify things, WellHome has put together a nice infographic that break down how it works.Okay, so it's not exactly an infographic. It's more like 3 or 4 of them -- which should attest to the relative complexity of the concept (I thought infographics were supposed to be able to explain everything in one screen-sized blast of cartoony data). And it should give those harder-core greens among us reason to refrain from getting frustrated with the Americans who are so easily persuaded the whole thing is really just a tax.

Nonetheless, it does an admirable job of breaking down a system that many love to hate, and countless others, well, grudgingly fight for in the absence of other politically feasible mechanisms designed to reduce carbon. Honestly, there will still likely be some folks left confused by even this as well -- and that's one of the primary reasons that some greens much prefer a carbon tax. It's still presents political obstacles, but at least it's straightforward and elegant. But if you're in the camp that wants a market-based solution to climate change, study this graphic; and speak up.

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