UN Secretary General Rebukes G8 Nations for Weak Climate Change Commitments

ban ki moon photo

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaking in Copenhagen on climate change. UN photo/Eskinder Debebe

The G8 nations may have agreed to some sort of climate change action in Italy, but it's really not what the science says is required. I said it, as well as other writers more seasoned such as myself (Fred Pearce writing for Short Sharp Science, for example). But don't just take it from us: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also was less than thrilled with the commitment of the G8 to tackle climate change. Ban didn't mince words:We Must Work According to the Science

The policies that they have stated so far are not enough, not sufficient enough. This is the science. We must work according to the science. This is politically and morally imperative and a historic responsibility for the leaders for the future of humanity, even for the future of planet Earth. (AP)

The Secretary General also urged industrialized nations to devote more effort in aiding developing nations move towards lower carbon economic activity, facilitating financial and technical support for this.

This is something that China, India and other developing nations have been saying for some time—in addition to stronger emission cuts being made sooner—as being crucial to reaching an international climate change agreement in Copenhagen this coming December.

More on the G8 meeting: AP/Yahoo News
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