Ultimate Locavorism: Ten US States Constitutionally Protect The Right To Hunt & Fish

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As one commenter on this trend states, seeking constitutional protection of the right to fish and hunt seems to be something of a 'tempest in a tea pot.' PETA celebrities have Deerslayer's leather stockings in a bundle, apparently. How else could you explain 10 US states amending their constitutions to protect hunting and fishing? (There is no National Fishing Rod Association equivalent to the NRA, by the way.)

Maybe it's more than naked PETA reps and NRA paranoia that have got 'em scared. Recently, EPA turned down a petition to ban the use of all lead shot, even for target shooting. Globally, there have been attempts to ban lead fishing sinkers to protect waterfowl and birds of prey - some having met with success at the US state level, in Canada, and in the EU.Not that the lead ban thing makes risk management sense in light of the fact that coal plants can dump lead-containing fly ash and exhaust lead out their stacks, as they please.

Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Are you opposed to hunting and fishing? Would you like to see these activities banned, restricted, or otherwise further limited?

  • Is there any difference between a PETA-and a Tea Party-stunt? What are the distinguishing factors?

  • What other culturally important but 'threatened' pastimes need constitutional protection? Like the right to have a garden or air dry laundry in the yard?

Fair notice: I own my share of sinkers and shot and have two vegetable gardens.

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