"Ultimate Climate Change FAQ" Taking Shape

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While scientists often talk about the dire consequences of a 4 degree rise in Global temperatures, so far temperatures have only risen by 0.75 degrees celsius since the end of the 19th Century. It can be hard for most of us to picture why this matters so much. After all, most of us see temperature swings much bigger than this one way or the other on a daily basis. The Guardian continues its most excellent compilation of a crowd-sourced Ultimate Climate Change FAQ by addressing the question of why a small temperature rise matters so much.The answer, simply put, is two fold. Firstly, because these temperature rises are not evenly distributed, we are seeing much higher rates in sensitive areas like the Arctic. Secondly, warming is speeding up and much larger increases are expected in the coming century—driven in part by feedback loops as we reach crucial climatic tipping points. Head on over to The Guardian to post your own questions for the Climate Change FAQ—but be warned, predictably enough the comments section can get pretty heated. (No pun intended.)

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