UK unveils coal phase out, as world frets election results

Offshore wind power
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It's probably no accident that my post on what to look for when buying land for permaculture is trending right now. But back-to-the-land efforts can only take the fight against climate change so far.

While many column inches will be expended on the implications of last night's election for the low carbon transition, here's a hopeful little snippet: Business Green is reporting that Britain's post-Brexit government just unveiled plans for its phase out of coal, and new investments in renewables.

Here are some of the details:

—The government reaffirmed its commitment to domestic climate goals
—It promised £730m of annual support for renewable electricity generation over the course of this parliament
—It appears the government is still committed to phasing out all remaining coal plants by 2025 at the latest

All of these commitments are important steps in the right direction. At some point, renewables will simply be too competitive to derail. The work continues to get there fast enough.

UK unveils coal phase out, as world frets election results
For those wondering about the future of decarbonization, here's a hopeful little snippet.

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