UK Solar Industry Urges Government U-Turn

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Yesterday I posted on news that the UK Government was reneging on its commitment to support a network of electric vehicle charging stations. While that particular change of heart was less than welcome, environmental campaigners are calling for another government u-turn. It is crucial, they say, that Government plans to curtail feed-in tariffs for large scale solar and renewables be cancelled, and that the Government act now to counteract wild rumors about the cost of this initiative. Writing over at The Guardian, Caroline Lucas, Britain's first Green Member of Parliament, says that the solar industry is at a cross-roads and the Government must do a u-turn:

Last year, the cost of the solar Fit on a typical household energy bill was less than 1p per month. And the forecast cost of the domestic levy for all renewables support in this financial year is £1 - or just 0.08% of a typical household energy bill.

And the irony is that in opposition, current members of the government criticised the last government for its "modest" PV Fit scheme. The Liberal Democrats, in particular, went into the last election promising to triple the ambition of Labour's offer - saying Labour weren't doing enough. Yet now the government wants to do even less.

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