UK Petition to Support Carbon Rationing


graph from Climate Change Action
"The best indication of whether a person truly grasps the scale of the global climate crisis is not whether they drive a hybrid car or offset their flights, nor whether they subscribe to the Ecologist or plan to attach a wind turbine to their house. The most reliable indicator is whether they support carbon rationing." - Mark Lynas in the New Statesman As Warren and Jeff have reported, they are getting very serious about carbon reduction on that other planet called the United Kingdom. They really do believe that "You can't bargain with the planet because it doesn't care whether or not targets are "politically acceptable". So unless we secure a deal determining how much carbon each nation and each person can emit, we simply will not survive." Using a new petition system set up by the Prime Minister's office that lets citizens set up petitions online (like that would ever happen here), Alex Kent set this up and it seems to be gaining steam. Only open to UK citizens, but a good model for this side of the pond. via ::ecostreet; petition below the fold.We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Adopt Carbon Rationing and Contraction and Convergence.

1. We believe Climate Change is one of the most serious threats to mankind, and to biodiversity on this planet, and that rapid action is required.

2. We believe, we need a global cut in emissions of 60% by 2030, and that this is likely to require a 90% cut in UK emissions by 2030.

3. We believe, the fundamental international framework that can deliver these cuts is Contraction and Convergence. We urge the government to campaign tirelessly at an international level for the adoption of Contraction and Convergence. We believe this approach of sharing emssions fairly per capita worldwide, and a process of aligning all nations to that is vital.

4. We believe that supporting C&C; in the UK requires adoption of carbon rationing, with a tradeable ability, not green taxation.

5. We believe, green taxation will alienate much of society and will be unpopular with many of the people whose emissions we seek to lower. Green taxes will hurt poorer people more than the rich. Green taxes will not enforce reductions. Green taxes take away personal choice in how we live our lives.

6. We believe, by implementing carbon rationing with binding targets we can force the country to only use its share, rewarding those who have spare ration, and allowing an element of personal choice in how a person spends their ration.

7. We believe, we must implement rationing with a trading ability as otherwise there will simply be a black market.

8. We believe, carbon rationing can bring personal and business emissions within an overall target and ensure fairness between interests of corporations and citizens.

9. We believe supporting these frameworks we need incentives for energy efficiency in the household, and for the use of renewable energy sources.

10. We believe we need regulation for businesses to drive changes in fuel consumption, energy efficiency, food miles etc.

::10 Downing Street