UK Looks for Storage for Piles of Worthless Recycling Waste

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With the economic crunch, the price for recycled good has dropped, and now UK local authorities and collection companies have tons of worthless recyclables that they can’t do anything with.

In an effort to store them, they’re requesting for less strict storage regulations to try and keep the recyclables from being dumped while they ride out the economic crisis. Much of the recyclables in the UK are sold to China for the manufacturing of goods. However, as the economy sinks, so too does production, and therefore so too does the demand for recyclables. Plastics and metals that were once valuable have sunk to practically worthless. But it doesn’t mean they should get dumped.

Authorities are hoping to store the materials in warehouses and former military bases until the slump passes, but that means lighter regulations on how much waste can be stored for how long.

Officials from the Environment Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are considering changing the regulations on the storage of recycled waste and are expected to issue new guidelines next week. They have been urged to relax the rules limiting the quantity of waste that can be stored and to allow it to be kept in secure warehouses or abandoned military bases and former airfields.

They expect the situation to worsen before it gets better, since the holidays produce so much paper and plastic waste with parties and gifts. But they do see a light at the end of the tunnel, since new recycling plants will be opening soon and the dependence on China for purchasing recyclables will be lessened.

It’s wonderful to hear that people are doing so well at recycling that it is rapidly piling up, but hopefully the piles will begin to be processed soon. Perhaps pileup will help to get more products made from recycled materials, proving we don’t need new raw materials to make new products.

Via Times Online
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