UK House of Commons Exonerates Phil Jones & Says Climate Science Solid - Blames University of East Anglia

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An enquiry by the UK House of Commons into the conduct of the University of East Anglia and Professor Phil Jones has concluded by saying there is no evidence to challenge the "scientific consensus" that climate change is being caused by human activity and by clearing Jones of wrongdoing, placing the blame for misconduct squarely on the University itself.

The Guardian has a good overview of the MP's report, as well as some good analysis of the significant issues which remain by Fred Pearce, but this is the gist of it.Not Releasing Raw Data 'Reprehensible'
The supposed "standard practice" by climate scientists of not routinely released raw data (which Pearce points out isn't really standard, considering NASA does it) was strongly criticized--"reprehensible" was the word used to describe it.

The focus on Jones and the Climate Research Unit itself, in regards to freedom of information requests was "largely misplaced" with the blame rightly being placed on the UAE. That said, any feelings of being harassed by climate skeptics was not an excuse for not complying with requests for information.

No Evidence of Conspiracy To Hide Contradictory Evidence
In addition to saying that there was no evidence revealed to suggest that climate change is not being caused by human activities, the enquiry found (Guardian's words):

The balance of evidence "patently" failed to support the view that the phrases "trick" and "hide the decline" used by Jones in one email were part of a conspiracy to hide evidence that did not support his view. The report reads, "[Trick] appears to be a colloquialism for a "neat" method of handling data," while "[hide the decline] was a shorthand for the practice of discarding data known to be erroneous."

Furthermore, the report says nothing in the evidence they saw suggests Jones was trying to subvert the peer review process.

In addition to The Guardian analysis, check out Climate Progress' take on it for some more extensive quotation direct from the report.

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