UK Detergent Manufacturers Get the Energy Efficiency Bug


Major brands seem to be falling over each other to claim sustainability. The most recent incarnation of this in the UK is the efforts of major detergent manufacturers to prove their green credentials, and we are not talking the likes of eco-veterans Ecover or Seventh Generation here. Ariel, one of the UK’s largest laundry detergent companies, has just launched the Do a Good Turn campaign, asking customers to wash their clothes at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to save money. The Good Turn website claims that doing this could save enough energy to boil 2,500 cups of tea [why is it that UK energy saving campaigns always measure efficiency in cups of tea!?]. The campaign also includes further energy saving advice, as well as a prize draw to win a Toyota Prius.
It doesn’t end with Ariel either. Their major competitor, Lenor, has just come out with a series of billboard claiming that if everyone used their concentrated liquid it could remove up to 14,000 lorries off the roads [we were unable to find an image]. Unfortunately, beyond this new found interest in energy savings, neither the Ariel nor the Lenor campaigns include much information on the environmental impact of their detergent, nor a wider dialogue on sustainability. Given major concerns over detergents entering our waterways, we can’t help wishing for a broader effort towards green cleaning. However, any help in taking the climate change and energy issue into mainstream consciousness is welcome. ::Do a Good Turn::

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