UK Companies Step Up to Support Transparency on Carbon Emissions


With climate change hitting the headlines almost daily, pressure is mounting on businesses to take responsibility for their carbon emissions. But before mounting a PR-friendly solar array on your roof (or dispatching some sexy models to a coal mine), one of the first steps that any climate-conscious company should do is quantify, and publish, their emissions. We are delighted to hear then, via the BBC, that more and more UK companies are doing just that in collaboration with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP):

"About 70% of the biggest 350 firms agreed to report their direct emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, compared with 49% a year ago. Companies are under increasing pressure from investors to release details about their environmental record. The response rate was better than most countries, including the US, CDP said."

The battle is not yet won though, as so far most of these reported emissions are only from companies' direct emissions, not from those of their supply chain. But a number of the largest companies - Tesco, Unilever, Imperial Tobacco and Cadbury Schweppes among them — are looking to take a step further, working with CDP and their suppliers to find ways to quantify supply chain emissions. This work could put a huge pressure on businesses of all sizes to clean up their act, moving us all a step closer to real climate accountability. ::Carbon Disclosure Project::via BBC::

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