UK Beekeepers Demonstrate to Demand Government Action on Colony Collapse Disorder

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Image source: Lela Dowling/Bee Culture magazine

Wednesday, November 5, beekeepers from all over Britain will don their pitchforks, er, smokers, and placards and head to 10 Downing Street to demand action on the current bee crisis. Though, this demonstration is nothing new for beekepers outside the US, reports the Daily Green.Beekeepers in France, Spain and now Britain are demanding the government stop talking about the loss in bees and start doing something about it. Phase 1 for the British Beekepers Association was to get the word out in interviews, and newspaper articles and now they have over 100,000 signatures demanding the government take action. Estimates are that several thousand beekeepers will show up Wednesday to show their support and to get some face time with their MP.

Beekeepers in Britain once again noticed dead and dying bees in their hives and also a general poor honey crop this year. Why is this important? Honeybees are responsible for pollinating roughly 1/3 of the ingredients found in food consumed today. Some people worry that the British bee population could be wiped out in as little as ten years.

The issue of honeybee loss isn't specific to Britain, as beekeepers around the world are noticing that something is not right with their bees and scientists estimate that global bee populations could be gone by 2035. Colony collapse disorder is one reason, but there are other man-made reasons at fault. Just this year, over 7,000 beekeepers in Germany reported losses of almost half a billion bees this year due to pesticides sprayed by Bayer in Rhine, Germany. There are many theories into what is causing the devastating loss in honeybees, besides being directly hit with pesticides. One goal for the protest is to demand increased funding into research to locate exactly what is going on with the honeybees and what can be done to help. : The Daily Green
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