UC Berkeley Hydrates Its Students Twice as Fast

Man Filling Water Bottle at Berkeley Campus Hydration Station Photo

Image via: UC Berkeley News/Peg Skorpinski

Ban the Bottle! Skip the Styrofoam! Pack Your Polycarbonate (Nalgene)! These are more than just empty slogans around UC Berkeley, which has just taken additional steps to encourage students to frequent local water fountains on campus instead of purchasing plastic, disposable water bottles. The I Heart Tap Water Campaign is promoting reusable water bottles and is making it easier to use them. What's more, the university wants to make filling up even easier (faster) for students on the go and has installed two special "Hydration Stations" on campus.What's a "Hydration Station?" Located in the university recreation center, the two stations offer a refill service that is twice as fast as a regular water fountain. The system is also touch free, meaning a laser senses the bottle and fills it up - no chance of catching cooties here. This is just the latest green initiative by the recreation center, which also installed low-flow showerhead, efficient lighting, timers in rooms and uses recycled turf for the Underhill Field.

Berkeley U I Heart Tap Water Campaign Image
During the 2005-06 school year, the university estimates that over 850,000 of those plastic bottles were sold on campus. The I Heart Tap Water campaign, launched in 2008, encourages students to bring their own refillable water bottles and choose free, tap water. The campaign also aims to educate students on the "safety" of tap water over bottled water, as well as promote health by choosing water over sugary drinks. :UC Berkeley News:I Heart Tap Water
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