Tyvek Recycling Program Expanded In USA

tyvek recycling kit photo

Image credit:Waste Management

We often get questions from people wondering how they can recycle Tyvek, the non-woven polyethylene fabric used to wrap buildings, bracelet wrists, hold DVD's, and to envelope shipments. For the business or government Tyvek recycler, Waste Management offers a US$15 recycling "kit" for direct shipping scrap Tyvek to a recycling center (as pictured). The kit includes access to an online record keeping and recycling certification service. Environmental Leader has the full explanation, here.

The program allows DuPont’s customers to track on-line what they have ordered, the weight of each package that was returned and an aggregate total for each year. The recycled Tyvek items will be repurposed for other products such as decking, playground equipment and corrugated pipes. Tyvek is made of 100-percent, recyclable polyethylene.

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