TXU To Add 3000 MW Of Wind Energy With Compressed Air Storage


"TXU Energy of Texas has proposed a plan to build 3,000 MW of new wind energy in Texas...Because wind in Texas blows mostly at night and energy-intensive air conditioner use rises with the triple-digit temperature during the day, TXU, in conjunction with Shell, had to find a way to store energy for use when it is most needed..."

"Nighttime electricity from TXU's wind turbines will be used to run air compressors that fill huge chambers dug under the Texas scrub brush,... During the heat of the day this air will be released, spinning turbines that resemble those used in natural gas generators."

For background on the compressed air energy storage technology, see this early TreeHugger post titled "Compressed Air Underground Battery for Wind Farms"

See also: article in Star Telegram

Via:: Power Engineering. Image credit and second reference credit:: WattHead

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