Twitter Cabs, Cal Poly Cattle Money & More Sigg Trouble


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Will Hailing Green Cabs by Twitter Catch On? - It's possible in London right now. This green start-up thinks it's going to be a hit. Or at least a great marketing tool.

Cal Poly Caves - Michael Pollan's scheduled lecture at California Polytechnic State University had to be turned into a panel discussion at the behest of a major donor, who happens to own Harris Ranch, a beef producer. No blood was shed on stage, but it does beg a few questions.

Food Compost: There's Gold in Those Green Bins - Farmers love the quality soil, and waste management companies save space in landfills while reducing methane - it all adds up to better profits for both.

London Reinvents the Drinking Fountain - It blows my mind that this is a new thing in the 21st century, but good old drinking fountains are making a comeback, with a twist.

Bottle Rocket: SIGG Faces Class Action Suit
- It turns out that even trace amounts of BPA, or bisphenol A, can create a public relations - and public trust - nightmare for a product marketed as an eco-friendly and reusable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. This is especially true when the manufacturer is caught in a lie about it.