Twenty-three Governors Call For a Renewable Energy Standard


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A bunch of treehugging greenies sounded off today about the Senate passing a Renewable Energy Standard, which would mandate that a percentage of energy from utilities come from renewable sources. Wait, upon closer inspection, they are actually responsible governors from both parties and a diverse collection states. I guess it's not just environmentalists who know that it's sound policy to shift away from dirty energy toward clean sources, now is it?In total, 23 governors called upon the Senate to pass a RES this year. Thus far Majority Leader Harry Reid has not committed to bringing a RES to a vote on the Senate floor after he jettisoned comprehensive energy policy reform from his agenda earlier this year.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D) and Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri (R), who were the main authors, wrote:

"The U.S. wind energy industry will never reach its full potential, unless and until Congress passes legislation setting a robust minimum standard for the use of renewable electricity. A strong RES is the most economically efficient way to advance clean domestic energy and immediately create jobs in renewable energy manufacturing, construction of new projects and associated transmission."

The country currently gets about 8 percent of its energy from renewable resources. California, the country's most populous state, has a RES of 33 percent by 2020 and is expected to meet its goal. The governors believe that a RES will bring new jobs and a cleaner, safer environment, all while taking positive action on a federal level against climate change. I hope Reid and Minority Leader McConnell will listen.

Culver and Carcieri also penned a plog in Politico on the issue. Read it here.

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