Twenty Percent Of Hong Kong Residents Consider Fleeing Bad Air Quality

hong kong smog photo

Hong Kong Air Gone Wrong Image credit:Flickr, Paul Chan, Smog
A recent survey of 1000 Hong Kong residents indicates 1 in 5 are considering moving away because of worsening air quality. There's good news: factories in the neighboring Guangdong province, which are the source of much of the city's pollution, might be slowing production due to the current world economic downturn. The Bad News: the local economy is affected by both air quality and the global downturn in trade. Stringent air quality standards, strongly enforced, with costs passed along to US and EU customers, are the best solution. If, instead, they're going to San Francisco (where air quality regs are enforced)...'they better wear some flowers in their hair.'

Via:Yahoo Green, AFP, 1 in 5 considering leaving Hong Kong due to pollution: survey
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