Turner Prize goes Treehugger: Shedboatshed

There is a lot to like about this year's Turner prizewinner: Simon Starling's winning project was a wooden shed that he found on the banks of the Rhine, rebuilt into a boat and paddled to Switzerland. He also built a hydrogen powered motorized bicycle and rode it across the Spanish desert, painting a watercolour of a cactus with the water produced as exhaust. For his next project, he wants to drop a Henry Moore sculpture into Lake Ontario for six months so that it will get covered in Zebra Mussels. "Like the mussels, Moore's sculpture arrived on the shores of Lake Ontario via boat. British cultural legacy in the colonies is thus likened, metaphorically, to the invasive incursions of the dreaded bivalves." Art. Humour. Politics. Environment. What's not to love? ::Simon Starling via Guardian thanks, tipster Carl