Tudor is Better

Tudor houses, built at the time of Henry VIII, are more energy efficient than homes of today. According to a new study by British Gas, tudor properties with their solid construction and stout oak beams, leaked 10 cubic metres of warm air an hour vs. 15.1 for suburban mock-Tudors built in 1960. The houses were constructed for the rich and were the work of skilled artisans. They used wattle and daub, an early form of plastering, which was inserted wet, but forms an almost airtight barrier when dry. Even the more humble tudor cottages had thick walls, small windows to keep in the heat, and hay and old wool insulation. The Victorians' brick houses, built for the middle-classes during the industrial revolution, were next in energy efficiency. This verifies what some traditionalists, including the Prince of Wales, have been saying: "Wind turbines, solar panels and other hi-tech green devices might get the media attention, but the smartest way to save energy may be to live in a Tudor house and insulate the attic and repair the windows". Hmmm, just when we thought we were making some progress... :: Financial Times