Trying To Save Lehmann Brothers, Top UK Banker Arrives by G-Wiz Electric Vehicle

Photo credit: The Times
Unconventional Green Arrival at Bid to Save Lehman Brothers
If being popular is important to you, it's fair to say that now is not the best time to be the head of a major financial institution. But imagine how much more popular many Wall Street execs would be if they showed signs of personal ethics and, dare we say it, thriftiness. Take Sir Victor Blank, for example — chairman of UK-based Lloyds TSB, who turned up to an emergency meeting to set up a £12.2bn (US$24bn) deal to try to save the Lehman Brothers, not in a Rolls Royce or a limousine, but in that teeny electric vehicle that's so often graced the pages of this blog, the G-Wiz. Of course the thing was chauffeur-driven, but the man's got to have some luxuries. And it turns out that Sir Blank's environmental credentials don't end there. More from The Times:More from The Times:

"His choice of transport reflects his reputation in finance as a dynamic figure in a sector that still enjoys a residual gentlemanly reputation. Sir Victor's distinctive red G-Wiz has become a regular fixture outside Lloyds TSB City headquarters. "He's quite a fan of the electric car," a Lloyds TSB spokeswoman said. "He likes cutting through the traffic when he's on the way to meetings."

For those occasions when comfort is paramount, he also has a Toyota Prius - the hybrid petrol-electric car beloved of Cabinet ministers and nicknamed the "Pious", because of its enviromental credentials. "Sir Victor was instrumental in establishing a target carbon footprint for the company," the spokeswoman added."

Now if he could just figure out a way to save the economy as he's saving on gas

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