Try The Simple Things First


When I was a kid my father taught me to trouble-shoot the simple stuff first: like when the TV would not turn on, to look behind to see if it is plugged in. Can't count the number of times that principal has panned out. With water shortages looming could there really be a simple way to encourage conservation by those on public water? A market based way forward? Via Greater Milwaukee Today:- The South Eastern Wisconsin City of Waukesha plans to be the first city in the state to reverse it's current water rate charge structure (as pictured), charging heavy users more than light users. "The [water] commissioners have been discussing the idea for months and Thursday decided on the final numbers. Any residential customer using more than 30,000 gallons in a quarter would be affected by the increasing rates. In the current rate structure, the more water used, the cheaper the rate is." We don't have a link to the officially published rate numbers, nor do we know if the revisions will have the desired effect. These unofficial numbers we saw on a local blog might be indicative: first 30,000 Gal. - $1.69 per thousand; Next 10,000 Gal. - $1.92 per thousand; Over 40,000 Gal. - $2.24 per thousand. The city water management plan lays out more details. Where else is this happening? Does it work as hoped? Image credit: City of Waukesha.

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