Trusty Trustmarks, Going Blind for Your Lashes, and the Age of Stupid


A weekly wrap up of green and socially minded business news from the gang at

Are Trustmarks Badly Designed? - BBMG's Mitch Baranowski weighs in on the design of "Trustmarks" - Energy Star, Recyclable, USDA Organic and so on. There's a lot of evidence they fall on deaf ears, and poor design is part of the problem - but an easy one to fix.

Latisse vs Lumigan: What's the difference? - Nothing actually, one's a branded drug to give you bigger eyelashes, the other brand treats glaucoma. Hilarity ensues when the FDA issues conflicting warnings.

50% of Americans Want to Work in a "Green" Company - The gang from Fairridge looks at yet more reasons companies can and should go green. Potential employees are far more likely to check them out, and existing employees are better motivated.

Does the "Age of Stupid" Mean Envrionmentalism is Alive and Well? - Ryan and I disagreed about the benefits of the tone of the new film Age of Stupid, but the success of the film could certainly reinvigorate old school environmentalism.

Columbia Sportswear Succeeds in Reusing Packaging - TreeHugger readers know that reusing is better than recycling, and evidently so does Columbia who provide an option to get shipments in reused boxes- 66% of customers choose it. But why isn't this the default?