True Hologram or Not, the Prince's Virtual Speech in Action

When we brought news of Prince Charles giving a speech via hologram, we were soon corrected by vigilant readers who informed us that his was not a real hologram after all. Nevertheless, we were impressed by the concept, and pleased to see the prince doing his part to highlight the problem of travel-related emissions. We were pleased, then, to come across the above footage showing the virtual prince in action. Hologram or not, it’s a pretty cool way to give a speech. Whether folks us mirrors, holograms or video-conferencing, technologies that create a more realistic virtual presence have the potential to cut a huge number of unnecessary business-related journeys, so we’re all for it. Judging by the comments on YouTube though, it seems some people believe this to be a sign of imminent armageddon. We guess you can't please everyone... ::Associated Press::via YouTube::

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