Triodos Green Credit Cards Launched

One more to add to the international list of green credit cards and the first one available in Europe is Triodos Bank’s ecological VISA credit card, launched last week in Spain.
Not only are these Visa credit cards made from PVC-free recyclable plastic, but Triodos also compensates 1 tonne of the client’s CO2 emission for free if the card is used more than 5 times a month. That’s the equivalent of driving 6000 km by car or the annual consumption of energy for heating and hot water of a one person flat. Plus with each first buy they plant a tree in their client’s name in the sustainable Triodos Forest in Albacete, Spain.
As the biggest Euopean ethical bank, Triodos is consistent with their respect towards nature not only when it comes to cards but also for paper and office furniture. They managed to become 100% carbon neutral by saving energy, using alternative energy and compensating for any CO2 emissions. The main differentiation between Triodos and ordinary banks is probably the fact that they only invest and finance social or ecological projects and businesses. Since they started in 1980 in the Netherlands they have opened branches in Belgium, the UK and Spain. ::Triodos Bank ::Triodos VISA card (Spanish only) & more on ::ethical banking