Trent Lott Calls for a Higher Gas Tax (Video)

Man, if Trent Lott thinks a higher gas tax is a good idea, there's no reason hardcore Tea Partiers couldn't too, right? I mean, Trent Lott was Tea Party before it was cool. He took jabs at the civil rights movement, thought being gay was a sin, and worked tirelessly to protect the interests of the wealthy and the privileged. Remember, this is the guy who championed the policies of the flagrantly racist Strom Thurmond, who said on national television that being gay is a disease, and who quit the Senate early so he could become a lobbyist sooner.

But it also turns out he was kind of an infrastructure hawk, and forged bipartisan efforts to fund passenger rail -- which couldn't happen today, since conservatives have since decided that trains rob Americans of their freedom.

And so, a sentence I never thought I'd type: Trent Lott is right. We do need a higher gas tax.

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