Trendwatching: Eco-Fatigue


That is what calls it: "Serious ECO-FATIGUE is upon us, as independent and experienced consumers are fed up with being told what to do, or, more specifically, told what not to do. Treated like unruly infants, the ECO-FATIGUED increasingly rebel against the green movement’s obsession with ‘no’.

One example they use as a demonstration: a revolt by Porsche owners over the development of a hybrid Cayenne. "This once proud SUV, powered by fossil fuels straight from the raw and unforgiving depths of oceans and deserts, will soon become a mere battery-operated, neutered shadow of its former self." Founder of legally challenged website says ""The Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is an insult to owners of honest Cayennes. It's bad enough SUV owners get so much abuse for polluting the earth, clogging the streets and driving recklessly. Now we also have to deal with the insecurity of being seen as 'hybrid drivers', as the public won't be able to tell the difference between a hybrid Cayenne and the real thing."

We are pleased to find another website with the humor of the Onion. ::Trendwatching