Trend Watch: Statewide Ban On Landfilling Plastic Bottles, Electronics, And More

plastic bottles photo

Plastic bottles. Image credit:Chelmsford UK

Somehow I had missed the trend of State government forcing recycling rates up on specific materials by banning landfill disposal. The Daily Southerner reports that a local "tip" in North Carolina, Edgecombe County Landfill, soon will no longer accept items that citizens and businesses are accustomed to tossing: wooden pallets; plastic bottles; used oil, yard trash, antifreeze, aluminum cans, whole scrap tires, lead acid batteries and oyster shells. Oyster shells. Who knew that was even an issue?

By 2011 the tip will also be banning disposal of electronic devices.Per the Southerner story Plastic bottles, oil filters, wooden pallets on landfills’ new banned items list there are advantages to the new approach:

The state ban on disposing of those materials "will save space in the landfills, and it will help with the recycling part" of Edgecombe County's public utility, County Landfill Director Danny Bagley said.

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