Trend Watch: More Corporate Execs Supporting Climate Action

Micheal G. Morris, AEP photo

Michael G. Morris, AEP. Image credit:Business Week

Michael G. Morris, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Electric Power (AEP) has published in The Charleston West Virginia, Gazette an opinion piece explaining his support for a particular form of climate legislation, stating that some kind of action is inevitable: "One way or another, there will be climate action." USEPA, backed by a recent Supreme Court ruling, has forced industry's hand.

The only choice is whether to encourage the Senate to pass comprehensive, well-crafted climate legislation or to wait for the EPA to enact regulations under the Clean Air Act...We're pulling for the Senate.
Deep into the heart of coal country and AEP's customer base, went his message, reinforced by AEP's formal position, stated on its website:

Where AEP Stands On Climate Change

The decisions made in the next year or two on climate policy may well change the way we produce and use energy for decades to come. As the largest coal-burning electric utility in the Western Hemisphere, AEP must lead the way. We respect that some of our stakeholders disagree with us on fundamental climate policy issues, such as emission reduction targets and allowance allocations, and that they feel we should have been more aggressive addressing those issues. We believe it is time to focus on narrowing our differences, emphasizing areas of commonality and moving forward.

That last sentence [my bold] resonates well with the more general message of President Obama.

The piece was a good way to frame what comes next: negotiating the particulars. By now, the blogosphere has made it's highest contribution to climate action (whichever direction). Negotiation in Senate staff and Congressional committee rooms is way different than spinning or focusing attention to news items.

If you are an "environmentalist," now would be a good time to decide if you want to support one of the NGO's that will actually have a seat at the negotiating table.

If you are in an industry which has not yet taken supporting position on Corporate climate action, why not? The hazards of relying only on the ostrich maneuver are increasing rapidly. See a recent post roundup on Triple Pundit, Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More, for examples.

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