Trend Watch: Coal Lobby Attacking Rewable Energy Incentives From The State Level

solar power victory brewing photo

This spring, solar panels will be installed on the roof of the Victory Brewing Company as part of the Pennsylvania Sunshine rebate program. Image credit:Philadelphia Inquirer, by Laurence Kesterson

Matt recently posted about a resolution before the Utah legislature - aimed at directing a letter to the Obama Administration - expressing the Utah House's opposition to EPA and proposed Federal climate measures in general.

The first thought that came to mind was that Utah depends on coal for 93% of it combustion derived energy, yet has plenty of good renewable alternatives at hand. Utah's coal-dependency is nearly double the national average, and clearly goes to motive, given the ready availability of dependable wind and solar resources.

A similar legislative move in coal-dependent Pennsylvania exemplifies how blatant and self-serving the coal industry can be in its effort to protect the century-long dominant position of coal mining and coal utilities.From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

A rebate program that Gov. Rendell hoped would entice Pennsylvanians to convert to solar energy is proving particularly popular with businesses - just as the state's primary business-advocacy group is ramping up its campaign against a legislative proposal that would require greater use of alternative energy.

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry acknowledges that House Bill 80's increased requirements for the use of solar and wind energy would create clean-energy jobs. But they also would cut jobs in conventional-energy industries such as coal and drive up electric rates at least 13 percent, the chamber contends.

'Big government' that does not favor fossil fuel, bad. Welcome to the Chamber of Coal Commerce.

There is so much talk about 'climate conspiracy.' What about the protect-coal-at-all-costs conspiracy?

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