Trend Day 2007 in Hamburg

If you can be in Hamburg, Germany, on 8 May 2007, you have the opportunity to hear 2006 Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus speak at Trendbüro's 12th Trend Day. The theme this year is "Karma Capitalism--Values vs Prices". Under the motto "Every social problem is a business opportunity," invited speakers will examine the question of whether the global word-of-mouth phenomenon emerging in our networked society is the driver for success in ethical business models. Managers, marketers and decision makers have the opportunity to learn from Yunus, who developed a model of microcredit which uses capitalist tools to relieve poverty. Peter Head, the Arup Project Director best known for the eco-city Dongtan, will close the program with the topic "A New Paradigm of Urban Development to Reduce Carbon Emissions."

If you can't be in Hamburg on 8 May, register early to be one of 40 guests invited to participate interactively at the CoreCon Convention Center on Second Life. You may be selected by sending an email to explaining why you should be one of 40 lucky guests selected to test the interaction of the real and virtual space during the 12th annual Trend Day program.Via trendbuero (German, many details in english) or trendbuero english (overview only)
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