TreeHuggerTV - TH News Gets Hot With Brad Pitt, Al Gore and Prince

Ooooh TreeHugger News gets sexy this week with Brad Pitt getting all hot and bothered about the construction industry, Al Gore getting hot under the collar about global warming and Prince showing the luuuurrrrve to his vegetables, I wonder if he still drives his Little Red Corvette though? .hmmmm, let's hope not. As well as exclusive sneak peaks of Brad's narrated documentary "Design: E2", M ss ng P eces and Simran Sethi bring you exclusives on "Who Killed the Electric Car" and the feedback on Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth." Not forgetting lovesexy news on the world's hottest vegetarian — his purpleness, and a German study on the ever-warming sun. See, we told you TH News is hot! Get this week's TH News for your cellphone by going here: best way to get your regular THTV fix is to subscribe to our weekly podcast from iTunes, so that you receive a new episode every week without any effort at all! You can also use the TreeHugger XML feed to subscribe. Or you can visit, You Tube and Google Video. Last, but definitely not least is the TreeHuggerTV webpage — Don't forget to check it out!