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One thing you can’t accuse TreeHugger of is being slow off the starting blocks. We’ve become the biggest green blog on the Web in an amazingly short time; we’ve brought you the green blog world’s first eco-product with the StuffBump; Hugg has bolted out of the TH stable in the last few weeks; and of course there is THTV keeping up with the latest media craze that is video podcasting. Not wanting to rest on our laurels today we’re setting off ahead of the pack once again by bringing you the first green newscast on the Web. Welcome TreeHugger News! This is a new video segment, produced by m ss ng p eces and presented by Simran Sethi, where we bring you a 2 minute newscast packed with the hottest green news this week. This week's episode is about "All Things Energetic".

Another exciting development is that these news segments are available to download onto your cell phone, so you can keep up with the latest green headlines wherever you are. Not to mention the joy of keeping the gorgeous Simran Sethi in your pocket! In order to download the file to your phone you need to put this URL into your phone browser It will take about a minute to download and only video enabled phones will work.As usual the best way to get your regular THTV fix is to subscribe to our weekly podcast from iTunes, so that you receive a new episode every week without any effort at all! You can also use the TreeHugger XML feed to subscribe. Or you can visit You Tube and Google Video. Last, but definitely not least, iTunes and Quicktime users, here are your links: iTunes MOV – Don’t forget to check it out!

We would, as always, love your feedback on TreeHuggerTV. If you haven't spotted it already here is the THTV survey where you can tell us what you think of our video podcasting skills so far and what you would like to see up there in the future.