TreeHuggers Made to Look Like Conservatives

Have a look at this front page headline from today's Washington Post. "Politicians Have Little to Offer To Ease Anguish of Gas Prices". Paraphrasing here, the article goes on to explain: 'the Administration and every member of Congress face an uncomfortable political reality this summer. They have little to offer Americans to ease their pain at the pump'. It seems like a decade or so since TreeHuggers gave up hope for stronger CAFE mileage standards or higher gas taxes. Regulatory approaches like these were hopeless for several reasons. One was that Congress fought fiercely against them. Not surprising either, as most buyers just wanted everything supersized. So we waited for the hybrids, dreamed about hydrogen - and awoke from it, gobbled up the electric cars, or setup shop to help TreeHuggers meet personal goals. Willie and other celebs helped but it was TreeHuggers and foreign owned car makers largely who did the pioneering. Deja vu.
bicycle tire on curb.jpg
To make a long story short, TreeHuggers built bio-diesel vehicles, found and processed their own fuel, got in line first for hybrid vehicles, rode bicycles, moved closer to work, and whatever else we could come up with. Now, in a supreme irony, our government seems to be looking sideways at our abandoned regulatory approach, when...and it probably came as a shock after so many years of oil responding to Federal their own initiative it was demonstrated that it is not possible to "drill our way out of it".

Message to Americans, and to those in other countries whom have followed our wasteful ways: it's time for more personal responsibility in how we travel. Get conservative and we'll all be TreeHuggers and play nice.