TreeHugger Welcomes Jaymi Heimbuch

Jaymi's passion for the environment started as a little girl. She has always held a special interest in wildlife and habitat conservation both on a local and global scale. As wide scale environmental problems worsen, her concern for the environment continued to grow, as did her passions for the written word, conservation photography, social activism, and technology as a tool for social and environmental change.

She received her degree in English and Creative Writing from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and married her loves of writing and green technology while working as Managing Editor for

She is dedicated to writing about all things geeky and green, and has a special interest in covering water and ocean issues for TreeHugger. Her photography can be found throughout the site including in the Green Wine Guide and event coverage, and her wildlife conservation photography can be found in the Science section.

Follow Jaymi on Twitter: @JaymiHeimbuch

TreeHugger Welcomes Jaymi Heimbuch
Jaymi's interest in the environment can be traced back to the age of eight when she wrote to the Smithsonian Institute with questions about why her acid rain detection kit's pH strips were turning orange instead of a shade of green as the charts

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