TreeHugger Welcomes Earthwatch Institute!

Earthwatch Institute, a Planet Green NGO partner, engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. We believe that teaching and promoting scientific literacy is the best way to systematically approach and solve the many complex environmental and social issues facing society today. To find out more about volunteering in the field with Earthwatch, check out our website.

Earthwatch contributors to TreeHugger include: Director of Education Alan Fortescue (above, right) a rock climbing, mountaineering, and painting enthusiast, who holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Foundations and Policy from the University of Virginia. His research interests focus on the relationship between business leadership, international development and the impacts of business activities on the health of the global environment. Research Director for Social Sciences Jeanine Pfeiffer (above, center), an ethnoecologist by trade, interprets the world through multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multilingual lenses. Her role at at Earthwatch is complimented by work as an environmental science professor, nerdy scholar, advisor to an indigenous biocultural diversity research and conservation initiative, program leader on an UC Davis NIH-ICBG grant, and head of an international ethics task force. Content Manager George Grattan (left) has more than a decade working in the environmental non-profit, communications, and educational fields, he's starting to be able to understand the difference between a genus and a species, though he's still often lost in the woods.