TreeHugger Welcomes Bonnie Hulkower!

Bonnie has worked in a variety of sectors within the environmental field. In her spare, time she is active in local New York City politics, and is a member of Community Board 3 there. During the daytime, she's an Environmental Planner and Scientist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She works as the Corps' Air Quality Coordinator exploring how the Corps can use alternative fuels and retrofit engines to improve the region's air quality. She previously worked in the Bay Area as a city planner, developing energy and water conservation plans, and also as a consultant developing green infrastructure and storm water management plans. Her interest in air quality germinated in Los Angeles where she worked at the Coalition for Clean Air promoting the use of zero emission vehicles. Bonnie has a Master's Degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an avid kayaker and chocolate eater.