TreeHugger Welcome Trevor Reichman!

I write songs and play them for people, sometimes for money. I'll never be a rock star, because it is unsustainable. I recently deleted my myspace page. I also deleted my dayjob.

I like to visit the subtle nuances in melody and lyric, as well as explore the space between sounds.

I do not take for granted when I find myself surrounded by great inspirational talent in scenes such as Portland, Austin, Kerrville, and now Far West Texas.

I am currently building an off grid geodesic dome music studio in the desert right outside of Big Bend National Park. There, I will begin committing my catalog to tape.

I do not consider myself a luddite. I like to mix a little of the past with a little of the future.

This ongoing path brings constant revelation. I am looking forward to sharing my perspective with the readers of TreeHugger.

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