A TreeHugger Tradition: We'll Never Forget the Clean Coal Carolers

It's a TreeHugger tradition. When the The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity introduced their Clean Coal Carolers in 2008, we called it a " jaw-dropping train wreck of a marketing campaign." Others were less polite; Joe Romm wrote:

In the twisted minds of the industry Mad Men who put this together, it makes perfect sense to turn songs about the birth of Jesus into songs about "clean coal....I'd say clean coal had jumped the shark, but I think you have to actually exist first before you can become self-parody."

The campaign was so embarrassing that they pulled it in about three days. As Rachel Maddow noted, regarding the rewrite of Silent night:

How about turning the most famous song in English about the birth of Jesus into a commercial for the coal industry...OK, you guys know what that song was about before you changed the words, right? Where are the 'War on Christmas' people when you need them?

But before they were pulled, TreeHugger grabbed them and posted them on Youtube, where they live on every Christmas and we join together to sing their version of Frosty the Coalman:

Frosty the coal man is a jolly happy soul
There must be magic in clean coal technology
For when they looked for pollutants
There was nearly none to see.

But my favorite remains "Technology, technology, you make the coal burn cleanly! Technology, technology, you make the coal burn greenly!"

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