TreeHugger Staff Meets in Atlanta, Gets Overtaken by Beards (Pics)

atlanta beards photo

Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

This week, the full-time TreeHugger crew met up in Atlanta to pow-wow over the blog we all know and love. We are serious subscribers to the working-from-home-is-green ethic, but about every 18 months or so, we get together to connect and hash out some of the bigger issues that phone conversations can only help so much with. While telecommuting rocks in many ways (business casual = pajamas and bunnie slippers, and we can fully embrace the ability to save water by showering less if we choose) there are some things that only a face-to-face meeting really can accomplish. That includes strengthening our bonds as a group, and finding out exactly how pervasive beards are among the TH crew. Check out some photos from this week's meeting. In the "holy cow, we have a lot of beards around here" photo above from left to right: Matthew McDermott (Business and Politics, AKA Doom & Gloom), Sami Grover (honorary full-time writer thanks to his love of compost), Collin Dunn (Managing Editor and Fire-Putter-Outter), Chris Tackett (the man who connects TH to the rest of the world) and Jerry James Stone (social media master and man behind the Green Wine Guide)

Of course, a few of us women didn't want to be left out of the trend. We were tasked with growing beards if we wanted to be included, which was apparently not an issue:

atlanta women beards photo

Atlanta group photo

So this is actually the crew, minus a few key members like Eva and Ben, our phenomenal tech gurus who keep the site running, Ken our head honcho, and Jerry the social media master. But, you still get the drift of the full time faces behind TreeHugger. From left to right, Chris, Mat, Meaghan, Mairi, Lloyd, Mike, Jaymi, Collin, David.

Of course, if we were to take a real family photo, it'd be a whole lot bigger than this one -- the amazing staff of part time writers (some only barely part time), guest bloggers, and behind-the-scenes folks that help keep TreeHugger thriving are pictured here in spirit, of sorts.

Among a handful of important accomplishments we mainly sat around the table coming up with a strategy for writing posts that would work well for writers, editors and readers. And we came up with something brilliant. First, we tossed out ideas:

atlanta chris photo

Then we seriously and carefully weighed the pros and cons:

atlanta laughter photo

And finally got the thumbs up for the strategy from here on out:

atlanta editors photo

Of course, in the true TreeHugger style of implementing new ideas, we immediately put it into practice:

atlanta cheers photo

In seriousness though, the meeting was amazing. While we talk together every day via Skype and function amazingly well while scattered all over the world, there's nothing like coming together for a few days to hash out big ideas and reconnect. We also got to meet the super cool, brainy people behind How Stuff Works, another site within the Discovery family and whose offices we overtook for the first half of the week. Thank you How Stuff Works!

If this wasn't enough, you can see a whole bunch more photos of the TreeHugger meeting.
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