TreeHugger Readers Improve European Green Capitals Website

european green capital award image

Does this image look familiar? It might be because you saw it over the recently announced European Green Capitals award which will recognize European cities that are models of environmental programs and sustainability.

Sharp eyed readers at TreeHugger noticed an anomaly though. Can you identify the tower behind the field of red tulips? Read on for the answer and the full scoop on how TreeHugger readers helped out.Alert TreeHugger Readers noted that the tower pictured on the European Green Capitals website is NOT a European landmark. It is the Peace Tower in Ottawa at the site of the Canadian parliament. In the interest of clarifying the situation, we immediately dispatched a mail to the secretariat at European Green Capitals.

Dear Secretariat,

TreeHugger published an article about the new European Green Capitals award, and already two of our readers have commented that the tower featured behind a field of red tulips is the Peace Tower of the Canadian parliament in Ottawa. Can you please comment on the choice of this picture to represent the website? Was it accidental, or is Ottawa being recognized as an environmental model? Is there no European city which could be the model? Or is this like imaginary windows on EURO bills: it is impossible ot feature a European city before the first award is announced in 2010?

Thank you for your feedback, TreeHugger will be delighted to clarify the question for our readers.
Dear Christine,
Thank you for the your interest in the Green capital Award.
Also thank you for the information about the picture of the tower at our website. Actually I was not aware that the tower is situated in Ottawa. The illustrations on the website should of course be from Europe and we will change it ASAP!

So thanks, TreeHuggers! Good eyes! We wish we could be a fly on the wall when the landmark is selected in the still highly nationalistic European arena!

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